Top 10 Goals: Retirement Goal 

Welcome to the last day of 10 Days of Goal Setting! To learn more about goal setting, click here.

Congratulations, we made it through Goal Setting 101 together! I don’t know about you, but I’ve sure learned a lot about myself through goal setting.

Because this is my last day of goals, I’d say that it’s appropriate to have today’s goal be my Retirement Goal. So, without further ado…

I will live in a log cabin in Arizona after I retire.

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Top 10 Goals: Vacation Goal

Everyone deserves a vacation, right? Well, because my last 8 goals have been serious, I wanted a fun goal, too! To learn more about setting goals, click here.

Is there anywhere you’ve always wanted to go? Me too! One of my broad life goals is to see the world, and one way to do that is to take a big vacation to another continent, so, my Vacation Goal is…

I will take a huge vacation to several European countries.

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Top 10 Goals: Green Thumb Goal

I’ve never been a Green Thumb. Most of the plants or flowers that I’ve ever had have died quickly because of some reason unknown to me. The point is, I’m no gardener, and I realize that.

Because I realize that this is a struggle of mine, I want to improve it! Since I eat only organic fruits and vegetables, I think that I would benefit a lot from growing my own food. I’d save money, and I’d guarantee that my fruits and vegetables would be coming from a good place!

Also, I believe that fresh is ALWAYS better. My friend’s grandparents own a farm, so sometimes she brings me fresh carrots to eat, and let me tell you, they’re 100 times better than any store-bought carrots I’ve ever had.

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Top 10 Goals: Communication Goal

Today is day 7 of 10 Days of Goal Setting! To learn more about setting goals, click here. Also, check out my Blog Goal, Health Goal, Mental Goal, Childhood Goal, Career Goal, and Service Goal.

Most people have a fear of public speaking. Some people fear it more than death. I’m not one of those people!

I used to be terrified to give presentations at school. I’d cry and beg in front of the whole class before I’d speak in front of them.

However, sixth grade, my first year of middle school, changed my life forever. I joined a club called Forensics, which promised to help to improve public speaking skills, which I desperately needed. And guess what? It worked!

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Top 10 Goals: Service Goal

Volunteering occupies a big space in my heart. Those who give their time to service are happier and more appreciative of what they have. Because of that, I have a Service Goal.

To learn more about goal setting, click here. Also, check out my Mental Goal, Childhood Goal, and Career Goal.

Now, although my Service Goal doesn’t involve donating my time, it does involve donating something else.

I will donate my hair every time that it’s long enough.

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Top 10 Goals: Career Goal

Welcome to day 5 of 10 Days of Goal Setting! To learn more about goal setting, click here.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my Career Goal. I think that it’s important to have goals and plans for your career because, in order to advance or start your career, you have to have goals to achieve.

A Career Goal can be about anything from money to college to getting a promotion to getting a job offer. Whatever your Career Goal is, it’s important to think about it in order to find ways to achieve that goal. So, my Career Goal is…

I will be my own boss.

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Top 10 Goals: Childhood Goal

Everyone has a Childhood Goal. What’s that one dream you’ve had ever since you were a little kid? Maybe you gave it up after deeming it impossible, or maybe your dream still lives strong in your heart. Either way, we’ve all had childhood dreams, and I’m definitely still chasing mine!

Whatever your childhood dream is, I encourage you to go after it. That may be the most pure dream that you’ve ever had. Whether it’s crazy or practical, all childhood dreams are/were an expression of your true self.

So, to encourage you to reawaken and follow your childhood dreams, I’m going to share with you my Childhood Goal.

I will write a best-selling novel about my life.

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Top 10 Goals: Mental Goal

Guess what? It’s day 3 of the 10 Days of Goal Setting! To learn more about goal setting, click here. Also, check out my Blog Goal and Health Goal.
I believe that your opinion of yourself is very important. You can either be your best friend or your biggest bully, and in my opinion, I’d rather be my best friend, so my Mental Goal is:

I will learn how to love myself unconditionally and stop caring what others think.

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Top 10 Goals: Health Goal

Welcome to the second day of my 10 Days of Goal Setting! If you want to know more about goal setting, click here. Also, check out my Blog Goal!

Because this is a health blog, I decided to share with you my Health Goal. Now, this goal is a little bit tricky because it’s not necessarily one that I can measure and figure out when exactly it’s been completed. However, I know that when I’ve achieved this goal, I’ll feel it inside of me.

I will heal 100% of my illnesses.

To read about my illnesses that I’m in the process of curing, click here.

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